Virgin Polycarbonate Material: Polycarbonate material which has been used in the manufacturing process. Normally, manufacturers produce polycarbonate sheets using two main types of materials; new raw materials and recycled materials, OASIS uses 100% new raw materials. A polycarbonate sheet which has been manufactured from recycled material will have a yellow surface when viewed under sunshine. Those that have been manufactured from new raw materials will be clear and bright. This is the first test you should conduct when you are planning to buy polycarbonate sheets.

Bending Ability Bending test; OASIS resist 50 times of bending. you can conduct a bending test on the polycarbonate materials. You can cut a small piece of the sheet and bend it more than 10 times. Normally, the low quality materials can only bend about 2 to 3 times after which they will break. However, high quality polycarbonate sheets can bend more than 15 times.

Sheet Weight Every OASIS sheet has a standard weight. Examining the cross section of the sheet and the weight. You should ensure that the sheet stub is vertical and the thickness is uniform. Similarly, it should not have a lumping weight.

Light transmission Oasis control the light transmission by material,high quality material generate high light transmission. A quality polycarbonate sheet should transmit about 75% of light with the same and thickness. Those that transmit light below 75% are considered to of poor quality.

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